Slow Burning Candle

Prayers for Me, Lenora L. Ball - for my Business & for my Staff Members - Globe Solution LLC - 1100 East Broad Street, #431, Columbus Ohio 43205 & Business Accountants - Roger Williams, Harsh Sharma, David Warner & Other Staff Members, ..

10/7/23 ~ I ask for GOD's Prayers for Protection, I ask for GOD's Healing Prayers, I ask for GOD's Blessings & Favor Prayers, I ask for ArchAngel St. Michael Prayers & Protection for Lenora L. Ball (Len) ~ St. Michael Defend ME & Protect ME ~ Lenora L. Ball (Len), 1100 East Broad Street, Apt. 431, Columbus Ohio 43205,

& LORD GOD, I pray for Your Protection as I begin My Day, & Protect Me Lenora L Ball through the Night as well. You are my hiding place, my Shield, & under Your wings I can always find refuge. Protect ME from trouble wherever I go, Stop All wagging tongues, Stop All jealousy & envy, Stop All promise & fail, & keep evil far from Me IJN Amen Amen,

~ Psalms to Disarm all your Adversaries ~ 18, 27, 35, 109, 94, 23, 91, IJN Amen Amen, ..

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