Slow Burning Candle

Alfredo Lasmarias Jr. Vida Lasmarias. Alfredo Lasmarias Sr Juliana Lasmarias. Judy Lasmarias. Josephine Peterson. Urbana Lasmarias and Husband. Francisco Sotto and Alejandra Sotto. Domingo Caacbay Sr Estela Caacbay Emmanuel Caacbay

Felix Caacbay or Consaga and Rufina Caacbay Romeo Lasmarias Rey Lasmarias Roselle T. Galang Rosario A. Tiu Avegale Pare Josefina Yturralde Ernesto Yturralde Jr Eustaquio Pineda Avelina Pineda Elenel Pineda Danilo pineda ma lourdes pineda cornelio yabut all our departed friends, neighbours, family and relatives

requiem mass for the above. may they rest in peace and continue to guide us

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