Christmas Candle

Dawn Russell

Please help me with my life. I am so lonely and feel so unwell. I am struggling with quite a few areas in my life. Please send me true love and friendships in to my life. Please have old friends reach out to me and miss me and want me in there life's i really miss them. Please send good new friends also into my life and a true soul mate. Please help my health improve and my mental health improve i feel so low and alone and cannot think straight i need to feel well and healthy. Please help me do better at work and improve. Please send me a win on the lottery so I can afford to work part time and don't need to worry about money and my future. Please also send me the right Pug into my life and happiness Please have Yvonne reach out soon and miss me and want to be in my life more I miss you please miss me too., . Also my sister be better with me and stop being so antisocial please send me good luck and true happiness. GOD PLEASE HEAR MY PRAYERS - ANGELS AND SAINTS PLEASE HEAR AND GRANT MY PRAYERS. PLEASE FORGIVE ME MY SINS. AMEN

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