Slow Burning Candle

Dawn Russell

Please hear my prayers for Dawn Russell she is struggling right now and feels very alone she need your help jesus please hear her crys for help and guidance. Please have her friends reach out to her and miss her and want her in their life she alone and feels no one need her. Please also send true love and good friends into her life please make 2024 is much better year for her and her dreams come true. Please help Dawn get good luck with her new gas boiler and they award her a new boiler as she got no heating and is suffering with her health. Please help her sort out her job and do better and have support and luck at work she is struggling in so many areas of her life now. Please plant a seed and help Dawn do better and feel more confident in the future.. God thank you for listening to me and being here for me. Angels and saints thank you too for being in my life. Yvonne I miss you being more in my life please can we amend our friendship and become back closer friends I miss you... Amen.

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