St. Mary's Heart With Jesus Candle

Divine Guidance

To listen more carefully and remember my moments and lessons throughout time. To guide with courage and uniqueness, follow with intent and humility, to stay grounded throughout the plan and make responsible decisions, obey in the moment and remember the commands for tomorrow, to show compassion no matter what and speak up when needed, for a tongue tamed by the Holy Spirit, for respectful and loving affection in my family and throughout my generations, for joy and good times in abundance, healing for my family- all relations, disappointments, and broken hearts, mental stability, for courage to not turn back or give up, fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship between my fiancé and self, for godly character to shine brighter through me than any negativity, and for my tongue to speak soothing words and entertain with good conversation and body language. Intent fully, yours. Thank you.

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