Christmas Candle

family, community and personal

Thank you for pouring your blessings for me Lord, lord, we praise bless you we honour your immortal god, holy almighty god, thank you for our medical insurance, thank you for our success trip to garabandall and Lourds last 08-10 September. I am sorry for my sins in my thoughts, what I have done what I have failed to do to the least of my brothers and sisters, I lift up lord the concerned of our lower household their jobs and upper hh, Paul to his studies. Arvin & Robin for their work. For those who loss their jobs, businesses, loved ones those who have nothing to eat may you provide them food, those who cannot survive due to their situation in lives those. I don’t have means to reach them out but I am praying for them sent holy spirit and angels to protect and guide them wherever they go, show them right direction including Colin, Kenneth protect and guide them always. I am also begging Lord that Kenneth may come back his self confidence. I am begging you Lord. Mark and Grace, Paulo & Divine. I am begging you Lord that John have the fixed term and Jo for her new job, those who are looking for a job Jared, Billy, and Kenneth Paulo Mark and Grace may they stay longer to their relationships, please guide and protect them in their work and for their health. May you help Evelyn for their concerned especially for Gavin adora and Goyena family. will pray for the sickness of manny, evelyn, nora, rae, alex, emma, yolly, doris, Sophie, Sophia, Wilfredo, Eve her eyes lord please help her, stephanie and Fabienne. May you always protect and guide sister merlyn wherever she goes. please help manny of his sugar diabetes, Help us within cfc how to handle those people surround us may you enlighten their mind Lord we pray to st. Michael to protect us against the gossipers and jealous. Thank you that we are still strong and healthy despite from our sicknesses to serve you Lord, mama mary and the community. Please increase my patience and self control not to altered harsh words to others. We are praying to you Lord our household to enlighten their minds to be able to attend in the community events and to be able to be prayerful and to be active in our household meetings, Lord give us strength to accept our hh members to become lay low, HAVE MERCY ON US WE ARE LONGING FOR PEACE IN UKRAINE AND RUSSIA and for the whole world that the petroleum keep on increasing the price while the other services and the prices of commodities are also affected. May you give me a chance to win the lotto to help those you are dire need especially to build churches, schools hospitals and other institutions to help them financially the home for the aged and orphanage. Lord thank you that we had a chance to visit once again St. Marie Vianney the st. patron of the priest. Give us strength how to manage our household members to regain their laylow mood mama mary we need your help Lord help us to handle this situation in a positive and calm way, st Michael guide and protect us in our everyday lives. HAVE MERCY ON US TO HAVE PEACE IN SUDAN, PALESTINE, ISRAEL AND FOR PEACEFUL NEGOTIATIONS ABOUT THE SPARTLY BET. CHINA AND PHILIPPINES. We pray for our household that we will have a household mtg. regularly. May you help Pau to be strong and brave again. Lord bless always Paulo and Mark for their daily lives to drive safely. Lord bless heal Samatha, Gerard and Don to their anxieties may you covered them the mantle of your protection touch and heal them and Cristy, Virgie, Yolly Castellano, Yolly who is undergoing treatment and Helen undergone the chemo may you keep her strong and brave to face the medication challenge in her health condition. We pray for Bro Lito for his kidney transplant. May you help manny to be strong and healthy despite of his health condition pour us your blessings and may you guide us always to be ready to help those who need our help physically, spiritually and financially if we have enough to share. Please give us a chance to win in Lotto to help those who are in dire needs. Please protect us in our trip to Black Madonna and Lucerne on 05 November. May you bless Arlene, Be, Terre, Rosario, Leony and Mark. Help me to the appt that I may have it. For world peace, peace between israel and Palestine. May the war would not escalate between the powerful countries. We pray for the appartment to have it for those who lives there and to the priests who would like to stay in geneva with intercede of mama mary.Please Lord help me how to deal with this problem in the apartment. Have mery on me. Thank you Lord we have a successful fundraising to ANCOP last 05 November in Black Madonna and Lucerne.

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