Slow Burning Candle

Jimmy and Charlotte Richard, Perry and Cassandra Fontenot and family, Dwayne and Monica Fontenot and family, John and Angela DuRousseau and family, and John and Francis Gabel and family.

I pray for peace and love not only for my family but for the entire world. I pray Lord that you protect us from all harm and give us all strength to continue in this world. I ask you Lord to bless our children with strong mind and will so that they may achieve their dreams in life. I pray Lord for financial stability. I pray Lord for my father's health. That he stays in good spirit on his journey to recovery. I pray Lord that you continue to bless my mother with good strength to continue to take care of my father through all of this. I pray Lord that you continue to lead and guide us in your way each and everyday. In your name Jesus I ask you of these prayers. Amen

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