St. Jude Thaddaeus Candle

My Dad, my family, my ancestors, my animals, home property, for Victoria Australia.

My needs (restoration of health, safety, fertility, forgiveness, my animals, family, my Dad, my cousins), my Dad's intentions whilst he was alive, that I might be able to keep the property, that the degradation of natural landscapes and environments and older towns will be stopped and controlled and the rampant development controlled, that healthy alternatives for housing will be found to benefit humans and animal. That my Dad and ancestors and sibling and my dec. animals will be in God's love and presence, or those able to be returned and found will be so. That nothing I loved at home of mine, Dad's, family, place will be lost but protected and blessed as was and restored. That my health and fertility will be returned That God will bless me, my family, my animals, friends, both living and deceased. That Catholic beliefs will be more and more recognised as truth throughout Victoria, Australia, the country, the world.

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