Christmas Candle

My Family and Myself

Thank you lord for all the blessings you have given my family and myself. I prayer for your love, bless us with good health and that we love others like you love lord, including those who harm us. I pray that you guide me in the right direction so that I make the right and honest decisions in life. I also pray that you help me find a loving woman who I will eventually marry and we can have our own biological child or children this year or next. Someone who I can fall in love with and we can love each other the way you love. Also help me so that I move out of my parents house and help us or me to buy a home and invest in real estate properties. Help me find a job where I am respected and where I can make a lot more money doing what I love, Architecture. Help me get my Architect license. Help me make a lot of new friends and reunite with old friends. Help me travel the world and see all the places that I have always wanted to see lord. Keep my parents healthy and strong. Help my siblings find love that will eventually lead to marriage if that is what they desire. I just ask that you continue to fill all of our hearts with joy, love and happiness. Guide me to the right city and help me so that I may help my siblings, parents, nieces and nephews. Relieve me from all anxiety and depression lord. Distance us from people who are not true to and harm us but help us not to lose love for them and continue to pray for them. Please take care of all of us. Thank you.

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