Virgin De Guadalupe Candle

My prayer today is for my only child, my adult son.

Who has decided to not continue to believe in his faith, he was raised Catholic and right up until high school had received a Catholic education and went to schools as such. He has chosen to turn his back on his religion and now considers himself an atheist. He not only has turned his back on his faith but he has also rejected me, his mother and has decided to no longer have a relationship with me. I am truly broken hearted and devastated by his rejection and decision. My prayer for my son, my only child that he can not only find his way back to his faith and the Catholic church, but he can find forgiveness in his heart for mistakes I have made the in the past, God forgive me please? that he can also find his way back to his mom before I leave this earth. Thank you and God bless you all.

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