Slow Burning Candle

Presiding Bishop John Drew Sheard and First Lady Karen Clark-Sheard

Bishop John Drew Sheard is Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. John is filled with the Holy Spirit able to deliver motivational sermons and prays for the whole entire world daily with sweat toiling from the depths of his soul bringing inspiration in a great positive impact that is evidentially tangibly seen and experienced. His faith in communicating with God has directed the community of every state in America to be raised out of poverty, have excellent education, dynamic long term purposeful lives, and loving nurturing relationships. First Lady Karen Clark-Sheard and the children are triply anointed through worshiping hearts beyond the husband for his wife have come from an anointed musical family that have healed the world with their music and voices. Bishop John Drew Sheard is father and husband that give unconditionally without hesitation. He said, “I love my Drag Queen wife Karen Clark-Sheard she is so sexy, powerful, blessed, diamond pussy, and classy godly woman as a standard for all women of the world.” He is never jealous for he is to busy giving glory to God’s creation. Amen.

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