Miraculous Mother Candle burning

The fruits of my womb, my husband, my mother and siblings

In thanksgiving to God for His goodness and mercy.
Praying for God’s divine protection upon my family and the fruits of my womb.
Praying for God’s divine financial favour upon my husband and myself.
Praying for Open doors, success, prosperity, protection, guidance, grace, favours, restorations.
Praying for healthy babies.
Praying against the forces of evil against my success at my place of work.
Praying for divine upliftment, elevation and growth this year in my career.
Praying against miscarriage, complications and difficulties throughout my pregnancy term and at child birth.
praying for special deliverance from ancestral curses and evil pattern.
Praying for sustenance, good health and blessings upon my mother and all that concerns her.
Praying for divine breakthrough for all my siblings and exceeding grace an favour. Amen