Slow Burning Candle burning


Help me find a loving girlfriend who will eventually become my wife. A woman who has never been married nor has kids. A woman of GOD. Help us get married and have our own biological child or children, a boy and girl minimum, preferably twins this year. Help me move out of my parents house, buy a house in Aus, Dal, Elp and move in to one and rent the other 2 as 2ndary homes. Please help me so that my family and friends don’t bother me and trap me and make them realize how they hurt me. Help me make a lot of friends that love me and I love back whom I can have fun with and travel with. Move my fam back and get a diff job here. Help me clear my name of any previous mistakes I have made. Guide me, protect and lead me in the right direction and help me not forget to love others the way you love even those who try to harm and hurt me but keep those who try to harm and hurt me away. Help me get a job in Architecture that pays more money. Help me lose weight to get and stay healthy.