Sacred Heart of Jesus Candle burning

Shauna /family

Please keep private Urgent prayer please Dear God, I pray for Your divine protection for me and my family  and my boyfriend from the evil of evil ex boyfriend who wants harm us influences that attempt to harm me. I ask for Your shield of strength to surround me and Your light to guide me through the darkness,please  set us free from this suffering  pain this man doing to us in Jesus Name. Lord I am praying for my family my sister zoey and my mother and my brother aaron my children my self my boyfriend Garreth for miracle breakthrough for freedom from this hurt and pain we been put through Lord i pray for ur keep my ex abusive away from us all and his evil people lord his has life threatening us in the name of Jesus Christ I ask for your urgent help for us let us be set free from this cruel evil from ex abusive i pray for blessings and peace and happiness and comfort and better health us Please guard our minds, body and spirit from any forces that seek to lead me astray. I place my trus