St. Joseph Candle burning

Roberta, Gabrielle and Nathaniel

For Saint Joseph’s session, for our Lord to provide for us in every way; that family court grants me (roberta matson) sole custody of both children (gabrielle kateri michelle matson and nathaniel robert joseph matson) and continuance of the restraining order with my children also protected too from my ex – their dad (kevin matson), and that we can be safe and protected from all further abuse and get the counselling and supports we need (we are survivors of domestic violence); that family court finalizes my divorce in my favor and ends the almost nine years of post separation abuse I have endured; that court and police enforce the collection of support owed to me in arrears and the maritial assets that are legally and rightfully mine; that a solution is found for our housing as our landlord is raising rent this year to $2500 which I cant afford; and that I find my path to be able to provide for us and still take care of my mother; and for us to heal from all the trauma and abuse.