Holy Spirit Candle burning

FAmily, My family and afterlife body discomforts

Prevent accident and relight and save my soul.
Soul re enlightenment.
Spiritual relationship with Kali and accidental chronocross with time, im freaken disappearing and the devil said to me you wouldnt believe the things i have to do to save you..
I said something that is not of my character, in spanish” I am Jesus christ of Nazareth:” I am now freeaking out!! and seeking to somehow addd another name to cushion myself from, errors falling in water.

PLease any advice be cautios of Duality of Mankind is one of the constant voices, have seen visions os od of spaceship with related comment to my tattoo..
( I don’t know what to do of it… )
I fear to must become some kind of new book. or additional channel.