Miraculous Mother Candle burning

Myself Mary Nix

I am praying for joy in my life. I am praying that I will have good friends in my life. I am praying that my daughter, Lena Louise Gibbs will be returned to me. I am praying that my daughter does not become a victim of sexual predators as I was when I was a child and throughout my life. I am praying that my sons Isaac Nix, Isaiah Nix, and Barry Nix, Jr. will call me more and visit me soon. I am praying for the child support payments that I never received. I am praying for healing emotionally from being raped, bullied, abused, ignored, neglected, and my innocence as a child used by predators to trick me into drunkenness, lewd sexual acts, and other immoral behaviors under the guise of love and friendship. Amen