Miraculous Mother Candle burning

My Beautiful Mother

I’m sorry mom. For the hurt that I have caused. For the love you gave to me that I didn’t understand and rejected through ignorance. I know that you feel the same way and I pray that with God, we can prevail. I pray that you can see the love, surrender & peace that God has brought upon my life. That a door will open for you that creates enough curiosity to step through it & into the arms of Our Saviour. He needs you more than I do & you need Him more than anyone. I believe that in faith God will bring us back together. I pray that you can overcome resentment through Him to learn that we can forgive ourselves by laying all of our fears, guilt, sin, shame and worry at His feet. His stripes, we are healed. It was the cost for our freedom that He graciously gave His only Son. Together we stand, but divided we fall. I’ve taken a step back not because I want too, but because I don’t want to fall anymore & I trust that the Lord will move through & upon your life in greater ways than I can.