St. Jude Thaddaeus Candle burning

My youngest son, Sean Michael Carroll

In the name of Jesus Christ, I am asking his cousin Thadeus, St. Jude to petition my Lord for the spiritual, mental, and physical healing of my dear son, Sean Michael Carroll. In the past year he became very sick with the flu shutting down his kidneys and liver. The hospital in Atlanta placed him into a medically induced coma. When his respiratory system was better, the hospital brought him back, but he now had amnesia and memory loss. He had no health insurance and my ex gave up on him. It has been a year when my oldest son spoke to me for 2 hours about this catastrophe, that my beloved kept from me. The hospital decided he must be an alcoholic, homeless man to have these brain issues and dumped him off in homeless shelters several times. My son has an associates, batchelors, and masters Kennesaw State Univ.degress in IT-computers. St. Jude and my Lord Jesus Christ please bring hime back to wholeness. Your loving, humble servant, his father John Carroll.