St. Michael Candle burning

Daisy silver

Rip woody so sorry.i hope you know how much we tried to help you. I hope you weren’t scared or in pain.sorry I was yelling and running around that morning I was trying to rush you sorry I was gone lately we had to make money for you. Im so sorry the vets didn’t listen to me and up your dose.i hope and pray your Necropsy report proves what we were trying to tell them.we love you forever ms nice with diva and everyone.have fun with gwammie.Visit everyday no matter where we are,live ect even if we don’t know you are there just please come. Come back to us if you can.missing you forever my lovie.
God please help us justify what happened to her,someone at the weare animal hospital needs to be held responsible.
Please let the autopsy prove it respiratory was cause of death,cause of heart failure-not congestive.
Thank you amen