Holy Spirit Candle burning

My daughter Dehara

Holy spirt may your flame be on my daughter Dehara. Bless her and be with her as she’s facing this difficult step in her life Holy Spirit. Give her the strength to do her studies and may she have the courage to do her presentations. You know how difficult it is to do public speaking but she have to do these for her Uni. Holy Spirit she is away from her family, friends, country and everything she’s use to. May she meet good God fearing people in her life you can guide he. May your angel be friends with her in every where she goes. My mother please be with her and I know you are looking after her. When she feels lonely and she misses us I know you and angels are comforting her Mother. I praise you and thank you for that my mother. Please bless her and let her know that you together with your son Jesus are looking after her. Thank you for all the blessings your pouring over her. I praise your only son Jesus for all blessing. I ask this all in the name of your son Jesus. Amen