Slow Burning Candle burning

Leslye, Traci, JO, Richard, Kathy, Bernie, Patsy, Shirley, Israel, President Trump

Dear Lord, I ask that you heal each of these souls and bodies as you know their needs better than I. Bless President Trump as he is run through the mill for the next 2 months and is being forced to miss a very important milestone for his youngest child. Give him the strength and courage to remain calm and silent until he is supposed to talk. Israel is under attack from Iran and is in desperate need of your divine intervention. Watch over and bless every man, woman, child and animal in that area and stop the fighting.
As the tour travels with the arm of St. Jude throughout the remaining tour dates, watch over and bless all of those in charge of the care of this precious relic. Halt Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq and all other foreign countries wishing to do harm to your people. In Jesus precious name, Amen.