Slow Burning Candle burning

Mairead, James, Sean and Antoinia

That my family be happy, healthy, spiritual and God may grant us providence. That I may be able to complete my postgraduate work and do my professional work without making any mistakes. That my husband’s hip op go well. For a safe delivery of Sean and Antoinia. That my health may improve. That my enemies be shown mercy on the Day of Judgement. For Fr Harry, that God may look on him kindly in spite of his wicked death. For a happy death for my family. In thanksgiving for the lives of my grandmothers, grandfathers, Uncle Seamus and Uncle Anthony and Aunt Babs and Aunt Anna Mary, and my wonderful wonderful father. In thanksgiving for a basically happy marriage. That Jesus may guide me if it is the right thing to rent out my apartment rather than work any more. For the disabled, that St Pio, St Anthony,, Servant of God Frank Duff, Our Lady and Jesus may help them as they have helped me. For my country, Ireland to always love and tolerate the Catholic Faith.