Miraculous Mother Candle

To myself "TRINA"

Thank you for sending Jesus to heal my wounds thoughts body soul hair face eyes nose completely and complexion. During falls slips quickly and accurately. Free form the calls of the envious ones denying that l was them wanting and taunting preparing to be in my life even lieing to their selves and others instead of keeping away from competing and thinking I am here for an adulterous nation. My family and friends return unity safety security that they don't suffer from other people jealous ways and habits practicing Judas thoughts and desires, get back and keep away from us, that know the deal of the times and days, that keep to the bosses corrected ways of God thoughts Jesus Messiah Virgin Mary Satan devil demon. Accepting the truth of knowledge and keep away from thinking cleansing up rotten ways. Appreciate the meetings face to face, healing of the mind and body when accident happens near our and your lived one's blessed ones also. My soreness goes away!!!!

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